England vs New Zealand

England vs New Zealand : Coming off the back of two successive wins over South Africa, who beat the All Blacks in September and were desperately close to a second victory last month, he is doing all he can to show that the world champions are normal.

England vs New Zealand Livestream Rugby

New Zealand has won the last two World Cups, has been the world’s top-ranked side since 2009, and has won 23 of its last 27 Tests.

Lawes missed the South Africa game with a back problem but his presence bolsters the England lineout and general play fo the pack for what will be a draining game against New Zealand.

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New Zealand remain the outstanding team in global rugby although the All Blacks are not invincible. Then you realise “we can be in this”, but by then it’s too late.

“The experience they had over us was massive – nearly four times as many caps – but with that you’re almost not scared in some regards; you just think, ‘right, we’ll just go at it, try to express ourselves and throw everything at them to try and get the win”.

The All Blacks as a unit talk about the expectations on them, and Hansen and his staff encourage the players to “walk towards the pressure”.

When Jones was in charge of the Wallabies in the early 2000s he led them to five wins in 11 games against New Zealand, including the 2003 World Cup semi-final.

“I don’t know who’s writing them off, it would be foolish to do that”.

“Once you’ve acknowledged it’s there you can deal with it”, he said.

“At one stage, we were so close to them that they wanted to kiss the New Zealanders, but I told them to take it easy”, said Dusautoir afterwards.

If the often outspoken English coach was not already aware how highly motivated the All Blacks are to dominate at Twickenham tomorrow, he certainly should be now after Steve Hansen raised the stakes significantly by suggesting this match is more important than last year’s British and Irish Lions tour.

“(The) plastic surgeon has recommended six weeks and as our doctor described it, your eyelid is your window washer so if you’ve got half of it missing.it will impact your eyesight long term, so we need to make sure he is okay”.

“Jack has trained the house down so you’ve got to trust the medical people”.

“But we haven’t played them in four years and everyone is on the edge of their seat, can’t wait”.

“They’ll play a physical game up front, their kicking game is pretty good, their aerial skills to support that are pretty good”.

“Guys like that, the only thing you can do is stuff them up by coaching them”. They won’t go away so if you don’t take your opportunities that come when you’ve got momentum it’s going to be a dogfight.

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